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Are IBM actually trying to sell TPF to anyone that doesn't already have it ? It would appear so, take a glimpse at a paragraph from a page on the IBM TPF website:

"TPF and ALCS transaction processing solutions from IBM provide customers with a sustainable competitive edge in the new world of Internet commerce in global markets. With an established record of success in airline, railroad, financial and banking industries, the TPF family is firmly positioned to meet the challenges of processing
billions of transactions with seamless scalability and very high levels of availability. Through the VisualAge rapid applications deployment tools using C and C++ languages, and the TPF data repository enabling use of object technology, customers now have the flexibility to respond to stringent time-to-market goals leveraging the wealth
of information that resides in the TPF data repositories. With the future availability of the Super Web Server and Java, TPF will be able to deliver object-oriented, internet-based, client/server transaction processing solutions to meet the mission-critical computing requirements of its customers."

Check the rest at:
(catchy URL huh ?)

Well said, gentlemen, such a pity it has taken so long for IBM to realise the potential of TPF, still better late...

We'll try to track IBM's initiatives, announcements and strategies as they relate to TPF and give our opinions, for what they're worth !?

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