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Worried about a TPF problem ?

  1. Do you need some TPF help ?
  2. Is there a utility you would like but can't find the time to write ?
  3. Are there modifications you keep meaning to make, but can never justify spending time on ?
  4. Do you need an old package analysed, re-written, converted to ISO-C ?
  5. Are your applications slow ? Do they need tuning ?
  6. Would you like to port some software and don't know how big a job it might be to do it ?

This could be your lucky day. We are a group of highly skilled and experienced TPF specialists that cover all areas including Systems, Applications, Communications, Coverage, Project Management and Hardware. We know that most large projects are best handled by technicians in-house, but what about all that other work that is either too specialized, too small to buy-in contract help (but still a key part of the project) or just something that you'd like to do but can't divert your own people to work on ?

That's where we come in. We'll work remotely, on discreet projects, with guaranteed delivery of quality work because we just enjoy doing this stuff. No task is too small and with our professional approach and large pool of diverse experience we are confident that we can tackle any job, however challenging and produce higher quality results in less time than any expensive 'TPF Consulting' company.

The fact is, between us, we have worked for most 'TPF Consulting' companies and can say with some authority that we provide considerably more 'bang for the buck' and sacrifice nothing by not having a large office or glossy brochures. We are a mixture of nationalities and technical backgrounds with a few key elements in common. We all have long careers in TPF, and all have significant achievements to our names. Our reputations are important to us (it is a small world isn't it ?) and we work hard to preserve and enhance them by producing quality work that consistently satisfies our clients.

So if you would like to explore this new means of exploiting heavyweight TPF talent, without lengthy commitments, the needless overhead of office space and equipment or the feeling that you're paying the rent for a contract company's downtown address, talk to us.

What harm can it do ?

There's no obligation and this could be the cost-effective solution you've been waiting for...

Like to find out how we might be able to help ? Drop us a line.


Updated: 14/05/02