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We've received our first independent 
review of a TPF Location !!! 
 Washington DC

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at Galileo in Denver ?

Or maybe SABRE in Tulsa

Or Saudia in Jeddah ?

We plan to bring you a TPF'ers eye view of these places, and anywhere else that boasts a TPF or MVS/TPF installation that one might find oneself working in.   We're currently on the lookout for Travel Guides with local knowledge of these or other TPF Cities, so if you have the lowdown on a TPF City then let us know.

San Francisco is certainly one of my favourite places, and of course it is the home of Visa, but it does have a rather large drawback... the occasional earthquake.  For those wishing to acclimatise to the phenomenon, click the button below:




Updated: 14/05/02