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David F Lannoye


Tel: 920-494-2353
e-mail: David F Lannoye
Download Microsoft Word version here

Summary Of Qualifications

Thorough experience with IBM TPF control program internals and TPF database, IBM Assembler Language, TPF concepts, macros, test tools, debugging tools, and dump analysis. An accomplished professional in all phases of software development. Hands-on technical skills in software design, coding, testing and implementation. Demonstrated rapid technical advancement and growth. Analytical; skilled at troubleshooting, working under pressure and working in cooperation with varied technical specialists. Self-motivated and determined to set and achieve goals, following all projects through to successful completion. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

-ACP/TPF 2.3/2.4/3.1/4.1 - Xedit - TSO Trace
- VM/CMS - TSO/ISPF - Panvalet
- VPARS - CLISTS - Intertest
- Program Test Vehicle (PTV) - VM/Trace - Structured Program Macros
- MVS/TSO - Step-by-Step Trace


-IBM Assembler (BAL) - REXX -Job Control Language (JCL)
- TPF C - Bookmaster/GML - IBM Macro Language


- IBM 3090; ES9000 - EMC Cached DASD Arrays - 3990 cached control units
- 3380/3390 DASD disk drives -3420/3480/3490 tape drives

Professional Experience

Walgreen Co, Mt Prospect, IL 1994-present


Began in 1994 Leading TPF Systems group in support of TPF production and test systems. Starting in 1997 took over TPF communications and TPF coverage. Began overseeing TPF applications in 1998.

Current responsibilities

Complete responsibility for TPF Systems, Coverage, Comms, and Applications at Walgreens. In addition to my responsibilities in charge of the TPF operating system and communications software, client requires me to supervise coverage and applications team members. Regular troubleshooting and crisis handling, programming, testing and implementing code for TPF and MVS.


Application consolidation. Of interest here are the challenges involved in providing uninterrupted, reliable support of what was the largest computer system supporting Walgreens, once running over a dozen individual applications. As Walgreens has migrated applications off to dozens of other platforms, attrition and staff migration to the new systems have shrunk TPF staff over the last 3-4 years drastically, I have had to consolidate the knowledge and skills of the programmers responsible for each application under my group to continue support and development until the new applications were available.

Test tools development. Supported designed and developed multi-platform test tools for the TPF system and offline systems.

Data Migration. Responsible for the TPF side of a database migration to a UNIX-based client/server system. I analyze the TPF database and code high-performance utilities to pull data off of Walgreen’s TPF system and prepare it for loading into a UNIX/ORACLE database according to a time-critical cutover schedule.

Database Reorg. Lead a 3-man team responsible for testing out and migrating production TPF system from 2-device type 159-mod 3380/3390-2 IBM DASD onto 96-mod single device type EMC cached DASD Array emulating 3390-3’s. This involved planning and executing a real-time 3-day migration with no interruption to production operation.

Pool Expansion. Walgreens database growth reached the 67 million ordinal number FARF3 addressing limit for large duplicated pool type and was rapidly running out of pool space. They required immediate solution. By generating another pool type and manipulating pool dispensing, I was able to effectively double the FARF3 addressing limitation to 130 million and expand Walgreens’ database to accommodate current growth.

TPF 4.1 Migration Plan. Investigation and planning of migrating Walgreens onto TPF 4.1 and provided management with a detailed documentation of the effort.

CPU migration. Successfully migrated TPF from 3090/XA architecture onto ES9000/ESA architecture.

Marriot Hotels, Washington, DC October 1997


Flew in for special consulting contract to advise Marriott’s Year 2000 migration group on their TPF systems’ Year 2000 readiness.

Worldspan, Atlanta, GA Consultant 1993-1994

Technical Support for new data center in Atlanta. Worldspan relocated the PARS datacenter from Kansas City to Atlanta. In preparation, we performed weekly restores of the database from the live system using TPF Capture/Restore and channel extender technology for the logging restore. The Atlanta system platform was kept operational and stable for ongoing customer testing.

Datacenter Migration. Successful cutover of a 6-CPC loosely-coupled 800-module complex running their production system from Kansas City to Atlanta.

Supported production environment in Atlanta while Worldspan staff was moved and trained in the new datacenter. .

Associates Finance, South Bend, Indiana Consultant, TPF applications 1993

Designed, coded, and tested IBM Basic Assembler Language programs and macros for Associates’ applications groups.

Household Finance Corporation, Northbrook, Illinois Consultant, TPF applications 1992-1993

Hired to help re-engineer system to Structured Design Methodologies. HFC is preparing for an eventual migration off of TPF platform. They were beginning to restructure their systems to replace TPF macros with in-house Control Program interfaces.

Developed software package to support new database layout which allowed the TPF applications to acquire more than $10,000,000 of loan portfolios at one time.

Solved problem with HFC's homegrown database re-organization utility. This allowed us to go forward with a software load to redefine the database structure and layout.

Amadeus GmbH, Munich, Germany Consultant, TPF systems (control program internals) 1990-1992

Subcontracted through IBM Deutschland on IBM field assignment building a computerized global travel distribution system.

Responsible for configuration, integration and support of a customized operating system; the Amadeus System is the largest on-line civilian data center in Europe; it will serve over 65,000 individual user sites and give them access to over 64 airlines and travel services vendors.

Our team was a focal point with development centers in five different countries spread over two continents; the organization drew upon the talents and skills of technical specialists from all over the world; this diverse multi-cultural environment provided strong challenges to my interpersonal skills.

Loosely- coupled installation. Configured data center for multiple IBM 3090's accessing one data base to accommodate higher volume loads, IBM's High Performance Option for TPF

Customized magnetic tape support for performance enhancement features: tape blocking and IDRC compaction

Installed and tested 3990 Record Cache Subsystem support into TPF operating system: allows DASD I/O buffering

Developed REXX Test Automation tool which enhanced testing procedures as for speed and accuracy; it was also used to update the Amadeus database as it grew

Designed and coded a Performance Driver in C language and Assembler to simulate system load during testing and provide stress tests of various hardware components, e.g. 3990 cached control units

Walgreen Co., Mt. Prospect, IL TPF Coverage Analyst 1988-1990

Held accountable for smooth operation of an on-line, real time production system; areas of responsibility included hardware components, operating system software, Walgreen applications, database and network

Crisis handling: Cover downtime. Analyze and resolve emergencies on the TPF system

Troubleshooting: Identify and research problems with TPF systems, applications and data base

Quality assurance: Review all TPF systems and application loads. Approve, supervise prod test plans, operator training.

Aid and supervise tech support personnel in creating Loader General Files and On-line Loader tapes including source library management and security; included developing and maintaining interactive programs (REXX execs) to enable smooth updates & control the integrity of the production program base

Developed and maintained data center operating procedures

Designed/coded utility package which updates the data base to improve organization & ensure integrity

Designed system updates to gather statistical information on TPF operating system for performance tuning

Enhanced the recoup database utility to run faster and reduce operational overhead

Proposed to management needed software development. Both in house development and vendor products for Walgreen's.

Recommended hardware improvements which increased system availability and performance

Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago, IL Programmer/Analyst, TPF applications 1987-1988

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL Programmer/Analyst, applications 1985-1987

Designed/coded Assembler Language programs for TPF, CICS, and MVS.


Bachelor of Science degree University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Computer Science; Mathematics


I have excellent references -- furnished upon request.

e-mail: David F Lannoye


Updated: 12/03/00